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Water sanitation, quite unfortunately, has remained an area of blatant negligence in developing countries. This particular claim can well be substantiated by the figures revealed in a research, conducted by WHO (World Health Organization) in collaboration with 14 other research institutions. The study has divulged that approximately 842000 diarrhea deaths in the developing countries have been caused primarily by questionable standards of water hygiene.The entire idea behind the inception of Varatoya can be attributed to the poor hygiene of conventional water system and unsafe waste water discharge to environment. Water remains one of the basic sources of sustenance. We drink it and use it for carrying out regular household chores like cleaning utensils and clothes. We provide a range of product from drinking water to waste water treatment plant e.g. Iron filter, Softner, Arsenic filter, RO Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Water Treatment Plant Water reservoir cleaning, Rain water Harvesting etc.

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Our Product

Varatoya works on water sanitation and rain water harvesting. Our product range covers from drinking water to waste water discharge. Our whole house filter is specially designed for small house and apartment with state of the art technology using imported media. 

Our Dedication

We value customers satisfaction. We work to save environment for our future generation.

The Procedure

We work together with customer  to identify the customer need. Our team works to find out optimum solution and implement. Technical analysis and customer feedback are the tools by which we measure the performance of our solution.   

corporate responsibility

Social responsibility and commitment

Varatoya is committed to work on low water discharge filters to reduce load on environment. We also work on re-use of waste water and rain water harvesting to keep the environment safe for our future generation.

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