Arsenic Removal Filter

In areas with high natural concentrations, arsenic causes arsenic poisoning, as well as having been identified as a contributing factor for different forms of cancer. The identification of this problem has precipitated the lowering of MCL levels in much of the world from 50 ppb (parts per billion) to 5 ppb or less. Used with regeneration, activated alumina was the accepted best technology when compliance levels were less demanding. New requirements needed to be developed for higher uptake capacity and the ability to remove arsenic cost-effectively without regeneration or creating hazardous waste requiring special handling.

our attention was drawn to the situation in rural areas had very high levels of arsenic in their water, yet lacked the means to build large public water systems with regeneration. So we designed an iron enhanced activated aluminato increase the arsenic adsorption capacity while maintaining all of the physical properties necessary to work effectively in a wide range of conditions.

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