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This is 21st century and we are still concerned about 5 litres of drinking water per day and ignoring 200 litres of water consumed in different ways. So, 97.5% of daily water usage is ignored.

Install water fillters for 200 litres also and live healthy and say bye bye to our external health problem e.g aging, skin disease, hair fall etc and equipment health.

Now a days we find a new name in the list of cities becoming dry almost on daily basis. This is happening because of uncontrolled use of ground water, which is a God’s gift to animal kingdom. Install STP and ETP to reuse waste water and protect the environment and future of animal kingdom. Varatoya with highly qualified technical team has come with new technology to give you treated water to keep you and your gadgets healthy.

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Iron Filter

Loosing hair? Stains in toilet? Afraid of wearing white shirt due to stain after washing? Varatoya have come up with new Iron filter. It is a state of the art technology with imported media. This filter can be installed even for a small home. 

Utility Water Filtration

Is your water not clear? Contains suspended solids or oil? Are you facing problem of stains in your toilet and  cloths? Is your water hard? Getting white scales in your toilets? Consuming more on electricity and detergent? Are you using ground water and facing Arsenic problems? Install Varatoya’s utility filters and stay safe.

RO Plant

Is your drinking water safe? Are you getting regular health issues e.g diarrhea, indigestion etc. Install RO filter and stay healthy

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Water sanitation, quite unfortunately, has remained an area of blatant negligence in developing countries. This particular claim can well be substantiated by the figures revealed in a research, conducted by WHO (World Health Organization) in collaboration with 14 other research institutions. The study has divulged that approximately 842000 diarrhea deaths in the developing countries have been caused primarily by questionable standards of water hygiene.

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Having clean water and clean environment is the right of animal kingdom. Varatoya works from cleaning of your drinking water to environment safe waste water discharge. 

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